Which Country is the Best for Vegans? A Comprehensive Guide

Veganism is on the rise around the world, with more and more people opting for a plant-based diet for health, environmental, and ethical reasons. But which country is the best for vegans? Recent studies have revealed that the United Kingdom is the most vegan-friendly country in the world, followed by Australia, Austria, Israel, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Chile, the United States of America, and the Netherlands. The United Kingdom has been at the forefront of veganism for some time now. Thanks to Veganuary and extensive media coverage, veganism has skyrocketed in the UK.

It is already the third consecutive year (it shared first place with Australia in 2011) that the UK ranks as the most popular country for veganism in the world. Plant-based eating is so popular here that five of the world's top 15 cities are in the UK. Australia has one of the largest vegan communities in the world and was the most popular country for veganism in the world for two years. Climate change and its serious impact on Australia due to extreme heat waves have only increased the debate on agriculture and meat consumption.

As a result, meat consumption has started to decline in Australia, although Australians continue to consume more meat per capita than practically most of the world. Israel is embracing veganism with more than 5% of its population claiming to be vegan. Health, environment and cruelty to animals are important factors. Austrian food is full of meat and dairy products but it's a comforting surprise to see Austria at its all-time highest point in terms of veganism and ranking fourth in countries that embrace vegans.

According to Veganoboard, 1.2% of its population lives a vegan life and now you can even find vegan schnitzels and strudels. New Zealand may have fallen in ranking but that is more due to rise of Israel and Austria than to loss of interest from New Zealanders. Germany is leading a vegan revolution in Europe according to United States Department of Agriculture reports. Now almost 10% of its population is vegetarian and 1.6% eat vegans, highest rate in Europe, with numbers increasing every year.

Four German cities are among top 15 best in world and country itself becoming one of top producers of meat substitutes. Veganism has been popular in Ireland for some time but plant-based cuisine enjoying even greater popularity lately. A recent Wellwoman Vegan study revealed that nearly half of Irish people said they would become vegans for environmental and ethical reasons and 37% would switch to a vegan diet permanently. The United States of America ranks 12th on this list but that's how enormous growth of veganism around world is.

If there were any questions about sustainability of plant-based diet in US recent research shows there has been 300% increase last 15 years representing whopping 9.7 million Americans who follow a vegan diet. Chile is leading vegan trend in South America with Chileans who are already used to diet full of seasonal products looking big for plant-based diets. Santiago now has 115 stores and restaurants suitable for vegans and you'll even find vegan empanadas and soy burgers on street corners. Surprisingly this quiet cosmopolitan city has been slow to become interested in veganism but Amsterdam is fifth place with award for city that has improved most in ranking.

Dominating Middle East's vegan scene capital city of Israel is only city in region on vegan map. Beautiful Adelaide city of churches clearly loves good plant-based diets too surpassing Melbourne this year as best vegan city in Australia. Despite all horrors of COVID-19 it seems it has had major influence on people's eating habits not only are people looking to improve their health but they are also carefully analyzing how food production affects environment and opting for more sustainable diet. In conclusion, if you're looking for a country where you can enjoy some of the highest quality vegan dishes made with different cooking styles, then you should consider visiting one of these 10 best vegan-friendly countries: The United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Israel, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Chile, The United States of America, or The Netherlands.

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