How Many 3 Star Michelin Restaurants Are There Around the Globe?

Are you curious to know how many 3 star Michelin restaurants exist around the world? The answer is 135. France and Japan are the countries with the most establishments, with 29 establishments each. The United States is in second place with 14, followed by Spain and Italy tied with 11 each. France has the highest total of 628 Michelin stars, which is not surprising given the French origin of the guide. Of all the American restaurants that have at least one star in the latest Michelin guides, only 13 of them received a maximum of three.

In a world of 195 countries and a population of nearly eight billion people, restaurants with Michelin stars are scarce. Of that total, there are 2,290 restaurants with a single Michelin star, 414 restaurants with two stars and 113 restaurants with three stars. The cost of opening a bar or restaurant increases slightly when a place aims for any number of stars. The Michelin Guide recognized the impeccable work and the exquisite gastronomic offer of two restaurants in Seoul, both a reflection of how Korean haute cuisine is establishing itself as a gastronomic reference point in the world. The new Michelin Guide selection in mainland China includes a new addition with three decorations, the Taian Table restaurant (located in Shanghai), which went from two stars to three five years after its opening. If you are a restaurant owner and want to get your first Michelin star, you can take a look at these restaurants as examples.

Here, Elite Traveler takes a closer look at all the restaurants with three Michelin stars in the US. Department of State to understand what it takes to leave a mark on the world of haute cuisine. The rating system was first introduced in 1926 as a single star, and the second and third stars were introduced in 1933. When the guide was first published in France, it only awarded restaurants one star, regardless of the restaurants' profit and loss status. As for cities, it is Tokyo (for the 13th consecutive year) that can claim more Michelin stars than any other in the world, with a total of 226. In short, a Michelin star is one of the most coveted awards in the restaurant industry. If you're looking for Michelin-starred restaurants near me in these countries, you're sure to find something delicious and impressive. The importance of Asia on the Michelin map is becoming increasingly evident, with cities such as Macau, Hong Kong or Taipei, Taichung, making their debut in the ranking of restaurants with three stars. Le Bernardin and Per Se have held on to those stars for 14 years, ever since the guide was first established in New York. The Michelin Guide recognizes the rise of Asian cuisine and awards the highest distinction to these three houses, among which The Eight stands out for being the first Chinese restaurant in Macau to be awarded three stars for nine consecutive years. Sadly, the United States lost one of its most beloved restaurants with three Michelin stars last year when The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley was destroyed during wildfires.

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