Cheap Eats in NYC: Where to Find the Best Deals

New York City is renowned for its pricey eats, but there are still plenty of places to find delicious food on a budget. From classic delis to soul food cafes, there are plenty of options for those looking for cheap eats in the Big Apple. One of the most popular spots for a cheap meal in New York City is Blue Sky Deli, also known as Hajji's. This 24-hour deli serves up classic minced cheese dishes that are both filling and tasty.

There are four locations throughout the city, including one in Astoria, Queens and one in Brooklyn. Gloria's Café is another great spot for budget-friendly eats. This Trinidadian home cooking restaurant has improvised seating and serves up huge portions. For those looking for a classic New York treat, head to Junior's flagship restaurant in Brooklyn.

This 1950s diner serves up delicious New York cheesecake at an affordable price. Joe's Pizza is the perfect place to grab a slice on the go. This iconic pizzeria is best known for its whole pies, but they also offer individual slices at an affordable price. Kotha Grill is another great spot for budget-friendly eats.

This Bangladeshi restaurant in Jackson Heights serves up meats, including chicken, veal and lamb kebabs, at an affordable price. For those looking for a variety of cheap eats all in one place, head to Time Out Market in New York City. This food hall offers a variety of dishes from around the world at an affordable price. From one-dollar dumplings to sausages, there's something for everyone at Time Out Market.

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