20 Best Food Trucks in NYC: A Guide to the City's Best Street Food

Are you looking for the best food trucks in New York City? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 20 food trucks in the city that never sleeps. From Greek street food to Mexican tacos, there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a full meal, these food trucks have you covered. Read on to discover the best food trucks in New York City.

Disos Italian Sandwich Society is one of the most renowned food trucks in New York City. Serving up only the finest and most authentic Greek street food outside of Greece, King Souvlaki trucks have been bringing fire-roasted Mediterranean flavors to NYC districts for more than 40 years. If you're lucky enough to live or work nearby, grab one of their fully-loaded plates that rely on a fork, but if you're traveling (with no time or place to sit), opt for the souvlaki in a cane (pork or chicken).Uncle Gussy's is another great option for Greek street food. This provider of succulent and generous portions of Greek cuisine has come a long way in 50 years.

It began in 1971 as a humble sausage food cart and has grown over family generations to become Uncle Gussy's food truck. Everything they do is still inspired by the homemade dishes that Katerina, the mother of co-owner Nick Karagionorogos, prepared over the years. If Mexican tacos are more your style, then you should check out Chilo's. While Chilo's isn't exactly mobile, it stays in the space behind a bar that's on the corner of Clifton and Franklin in Bed Stuy. It's literally a food truck, so there's no doubt that it meets the requirements on this list. Shalani and Walter have been in business for four years, and their food truck can be found on the beautiful Indian Wells beach in Amagansett all summer long.

They offer delicious Mexican tacos with all your favorite toppings. Dinges & Waffles is another great option for those looking for something sweet. More than just a dessert, Dinges & Waffles have become New York's favorite option to eat between meals. Overall, New York may not be known for its world-class Mexican food, but the best taco trucks, if you can find them, are among the best in the world. Combining all of these factors doesn't guarantee success in this city, nor does success guarantee sustainability (in case you haven't heard, New York trends tend to move quickly), but the rewards for getting to the top are enormous. One of the best things about New York City is that there is no shortage of food trucks on wheels no matter the time of day for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For a city that brims with as much energy to take away as New York, it makes sense that the meals on wheels in New York's food trucks, which were previously limited to offering simple food, such as hamburgers and sausages, have begun to rival the best physical restaurants in Gotham. Whether you're looking for an authentic Greek experience or some delicious Mexican tacos, these 20 food trucks are sure to satisfy your cravings.

So don't wait any longer and start exploring New York City's amazing street food scene!.

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